BAM Window Cleaning Launches Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Melbourne

BAM Window Cleaning is glad to announce its solar panel cleaning service in Melbourne and the surrounding area. The service is offered to both homes and businesses running on solar power. It ensures that the solar panels are free from any dirt, and bring their performance to an optimal level. 

BAM Window Cleaning believes that its solar panel cleaning services will lead to more power generation, thereby saving customers expensive energy bills and allowing them to direct their money to other responsibilities.

When it comes to solar panel cleaning, BAM Window Cleaning use only expert cleaners and high-quality equipment. This ensures that the solar panels receive a professional touch without any damage so they deliver a better result.

Recall solar panels are designed to draw power from sunlight that will be converted into electricity for both home and office use. However, if the panels aren’t kept clean, their ability to capture sunlight will be affected, thus leading to less efficiency and low power generation.

According to BAM Window Cleaning, “The major causes of depreciation in the efficiency of solar panels are dirt, dust, and debris that have accumulated and left uncleaned for a long time. Some of the ways through which solar panels accumulate dirt are tree pollen, bird droppings, moss/fungus, the air, leaves, and grime.”

Cleaning solar panels requires expertise and experience. This is where BAM Window Cleaning is looking to make people benefit from their services. The company can help both homeowners and business owners clean and wipe their solar panels, making them free from debris and dirt. Using their services ensures clean solar panels that stand the best chance of maximizing your productivity. 

BAM Window Cleaning provides its services to not only people who are seeking to lower their home electricity bills but also those who want to channel great power into their grid. According to BAM, the return on investment (ROI) for solar panels is efficient energy production, which can be achieved via extensive cleaning from experts.

Paying a lot of money for solar panels only to let them rust away and accumulate dirt is a costly mistake. They will only end up so dirty that producing electricity at their full capacity will be impossible.

Talking about their services, BAM Window Cleaning owner, Aaron Johnstone, said “We have years of experience in the cleaning business, be it pressure washing, window clean, and other exterior cleaning services. Solar panel cleaning is a new addition and we’re happy to be able to serve more customers in various ways.” Furthermore, Johnstone stressed that his company offers fast, efficient, and cost-effective services.

Having been in the business for nearly 25 years, the company has grown with consistency and now has a team trained, passionate cleaners ready to take on any project with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Meanwhile, clients who have used BAM Window Cleaning solar panel cleaning services have lauded their experience. One of their clients, Simon W. said, “They are easy to book an appointment with, with upfront pricing and no pestering. They handle jobs on time and are very professional too.”

“I used them because of their good reviews on Nextdoor, and they finishes on time and did a super job!” said another satisfied client, Kathy B.

Melbourne residents who are interested in efficient solar panel cleaning services should contact them with any of the information provided below.

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With over 25 years of experience, BAM Window Cleaning has been providing exceptional cleaning services to clients in Melbourne and its environs. The company only employs a professional team of cleaners that are considered experts in the cleaning industry. They have established themselves as one of the cleaning industry leaders and are trusted across the whole of Melbourne.


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