Pressure Washing Melbourne

Our pressure washing team across Melbourne offer the ultimate solution for your exterior cleaning requirements. From a full house or building washdown to pressure cleaning paths, driveways, decks and patios, right through to pergolas and roofs. We have the years of experience and technology to clean all types of surfaces.

Our clients prefer us to other pressure washing companies due to our affordable pricing and fantastic results. Often exterior pressure cleaning will save our clients thousands of dollars in repainting or resurfacing to achieve a similar result.

Likewise, doing exterior pressure cleaning on a house and outdoor surfaces before a sale of property can add tens of thousands of dollars to the final sale price!

We can clean anything from single storey units/homes to abseiling from multi storey buildings.  If you would like to rejuvenate your exterior surfaces and free them from dust, dirt, grime, algae and signs of air pollution, call the team at BAM now for a free quote.  You will not be disappointed with the result!

Pressure cleaning Melbourne

We provide high pressure water cleaning services in Melbourne and will clean any surface.

This includes:

  • Exterior of homes
  • Exterior of buildings
  • Roofs
  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Decks
  • Paving
  • Pergolas
  • Much More

Services we Offer

Residential Window Cleaning In Melbourne

From the smallest apartment to the grandest of homes, BAM will clean the windows, balustrade, mirrors, splashbacks, solar panels and anything else that is glass! We have you covered.

Commercial Window Cleaning In Melbourne

We professionally clean windows in any building, warehouse, school, hospital, apartment or retirement facility, from ground level to abseiling from all heights. We are the leading commercial window cleaners in Melbourne for a reason.

Pressure Washing

We provide Pressure Washing and Cleaning across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, using the latest technology to clean driveways, fences, paths, roofs and wash down homes and commercial buildings.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels can reduce your system’s energy yields by up to 25% – and associated reductions in energy bill savings. We clean your solar panels in a safe and gentle way

Gutter Cleaning

From single storey residential, to multistorey buildings and factories, we can effectively check, maintain and unblock your roofs, gutters and downpipes.

Signage Cleaning

Commercial signage is the first impression for many prospective clients. Keep them clean and make a statement!

Pressure Cleaning Examples

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More than just Window Cleaning Services

Our pressure cleaning team specialises in cleaning all areas of outdoor surfaces whether the client is a residential homeowner, a business, or an industrial company. With years of experience in removing dirt, mould, mildew and stains from concrete, walls, roofs, pavers, tiles, driveways, paths and other surfaces, we have developed a system using environmentally friendly chemicals combined with the right purpose built pressure cleaners to get the job done right.

Ground Surface Cleaning

Driveways, paths and pool areas tend to get very dirty over time and turn from a bright and clean surface to to a dull and uninviting neutral colour. The best way to remove this build-up is using proven chemicals in combination with commercial grade high pressure cleaning equipment. Whether your ground surface is concrete, bricks, bluestone, decking, pebble mix or exposed aggregate, they will need regular cleaning to get rid of the build-up of oil, mould, dirt and grime. Our expert high pressure cleaning team in Melbourne can get your discoloured surface looking brand new again.

House Washing Service

Whether you are preparing to get your house ready for sale, to be painted or wanting to remove unwanted cobwebs, dirt, stains or mildew, our professional team can get the job done in no time. A quality house pressure wash can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your house. Our high pressure cleaning team are expert in the field of pressure wash for all surfaces without any damage. We can clean all surfaces, such as weatherboard, bricks, render, Colorbond and so forth. With a combination of soft washing and high pressure cleaning, we can produce amazing results without risk of damage to the house or building. Our pressure cleaning service can include all surfaces of the house, including eaves, walls, and roofs. We can even clean your gutters for you while we are there. And if your windows need cleaning, we can sort that for you as well.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning your roof, you can never be too safe. And the safest way to clean your roof is to get a professional to do it for you. Roofs can get discoloured over time as dust and dirt can dry and leave the roof looking worse for wear. A build-up of lichen makes your roof look old and dirty. A roof clean can make your whole home look totally different and give it that fresh look you are after. Our professional roof cleaners know how to stay safe while cleaning the roof and gutters and can even clean the solar panels while they are up there to help increase the energy production.

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