Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

Solar panel cleaning ensures your home or business solar panel systems will be operating at peak performance. This can lead to more electricity being produced by the solar panels, which means lower energy bills and greater savings that go directly to you! BAM Window Cleaning have all the equipment and expertise to keep your solar panels clean and to do the job safely.  We are experts at Solar Panel Cleaning in Melbourne. Our staff are trained to be extremely careful when they clean solar panels.

Solar panels are designed to capture sunlight and then convert it to usable electricity. If your panels are dirty, then this can limit the ability of the panels to capture this sunlight and therefore decrease the amount of generated electricity. Dust, dirt and debris build up on the surface of your panels over time eg. dirt being carried through the air, grime, tree pollen, bird droppings, moss or fungus, leaves and so on. This can reduce the efficiency of your power source.
Having solar panels cleaned of this dirt and debris by BAM Window Cleaning will give your panels the best chance of maximising efficiency.

Whether you are trying to lower your home electricity bills or feed a bunch of power into the grid, efficient energy production is part of your return on investment for your solar panels. It just doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money for solar panels, and then let them get so dirty that they don’t produce electricity as well as they should.


Here at BAM Window Cleaning, we are here to help you get the most out of your solar panels with no extra cost. We will have them shining again in no time at all. For the best solar panel cleaning services delivered by fully qualified and friendly service from our staff, get in touch with our team right away. Call BAM, the experts in Solar panel cleaning in Melbourne!

Services we Offer

Residential Window Cleaning In Melbourne

From the smallest apartment to the grandest of homes, BAM will clean the windows, balustrade, mirrors, splashbacks, solar panels and anything else that is glass! We have you covered.

Commercial Window Cleaning In Melbourne

We professionally clean windows in any building, warehouse, school, hospital, apartment or retirement facility, from ground level to abseiling from all heights. We are the leading commercial window cleaners in Melbourne for a reason.

Pressure Washing

We provide Pressure Washing and Cleaning across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, using the latest technology to clean driveways, fences, paths, roofs and wash down homes and commercial buildings.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels can reduce your system’s energy yields by up to 25% – and associated reductions in energy bill savings. We clean your solar panels in a safe and gentle way

Gutter Cleaning

From single storey residential, to multistorey buildings and factories, we can effectively check, maintain and unblock your roofs, gutters and downpipes.

Signage Cleaning

Commercial signage is the first impression for many prospective clients. Keep them clean and make a statement!

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