Five Important Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

Everyone wants a sparklingly clean window and most of us take for granted the importance of having clean windows in our buildings. Clean windows let the light shine in and give any business a healthy and rejuvenating feel. However, although maintaining the cleanliness of your windows is important, it can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Hiring a company to clean your windows can provide you with a variety of benefits, including helping you project a professional appearance as well as keeping you and your employees healthy and safe.

Commercial Window Cleaners

1. Protects Your Windows

Windows that are not cleaned on a regular basis will experience a build-up of dirt, grime, and a variety of other natural pollutants. This build-up can result in etching as well as hard water marks that will leave your windows looking shabby. Additionally, once this type of damage occurs, you will need to replace your windows, which can quickly become an expensive endeavour.

However, opting for commercial window cleaning will significantly decrease the likelihood that your windows will suffer from this type of damage as having them cleaned by professionals ensures residue will not accumulate and your windows will not suffer from streaks. Additionally, a major benefit of having your windows cleaned is professionals are trained to look for signs of weather damage. If any damage is detected, you can easily have it addressed before your window is beyond help and requires replacement.

Commercial window cleaning also ensures your windows are clean throughout every season. This is important because allowing your windows to remain dirty for long periods of time makes it more difficult to clean them. Additionally, even if they are not damaged, dirty windows can ultimately become discoloured.

2. Improves Communication

In terms of your business, the different types of communication you employ is critical to your success. You obviously know that clear verbal communication is important, and you likely have customers sign contracts or agreements when they purchase certain products or subscribe to ongoing services. However, one of the most important ways of communicating with your clients involves non-verbal communication in the form of your windows.

Obviously, your windows communicate to your customers because at least one will have a sign on it that likely spells out your business name. It might also include a caption, which summarizes your motto or the types of services you provide. However, the cleanliness of your windows will speak to customers and inform them about the type of business you maintain.

For instance, if you allow your windows to become dirty, you likely keep a dirty store room. If your windows are dirty, you likely keep a dirty back office. If customers can infer that your business is dirty, they will not feel inclined to purchase from you. If you run a food-based business, they will certainly not want to eat in your establishment. Clean windows, however, let people know that your back room as well as your food-storage areas are clean and that you care how your customers think of you and your employees.

Having your windows cleaned by professionals on a regular basis will communicate to customers that you care about the quality of your business, which in turn will increase your customers’ confidence in your ability to meet their needs.

3. Compliance

Your windows reflect on you and your customers, but they also reflect on the businesses near you. If you keep your windows clean, people will feel comfortable shopping at nearby stores even if they do not have the need to buy your products. Because the appearance of stores in any area is important, keeping your windows clean is probably a part of the contract you have with your landlord.

That said, as there is much to do throughout the day to ensure your business continues to grow, the task of cleaning windows can easily be forgotten. However, you can avoid this mishap by simply using commercial cleaning services for your company’s windows. Doing so will relieve you of having to worry about any fines imposed on you for being out of compliance.

4. Safety

If your business is on multiple levels or is located in a high-rise building, keeping your windows clean can be challenging. More importantly, keeping them clean can pose a risk of serious injury to you or your employees. As cleaning windows located above the ground floor is a hazardous job, it is a much better option to have a professional window cleaner complete this task for you.

However, you should be sure to hire a company that is certified and licensed to deliver this service as licensing ensures that the company’s workers possess the needed skills as well as the equipment necessary to clean and maintain your windows. Additionally, a commercial cleaning company has the expertise to prepare an area in such a way as to prevent accidents, which can arise if a window pane breaks or a ladder tips.

5. Protects health

Nobody wants to work in a dirty office. In fact, an office that is shabbily maintained can have a negative effect on productivity. Moreover, a dirty office can affect the health of you and your employees. One important aspect of maintaining the cleanliness of your office is, of course, keeping your windows clean. For instance, dust and dirt easily accumulates on windows. This type of accumulation can irritate allergies as well as cause breathing issues for individuals suffering from asthma.

Over time, the accumulation of such things as mold, dirt, and grime will lower the quality of the indoor air. Additionally, indoor air quality has been shown to have a major influence on the health of employees. Poor air quality can also have a significantly negative effect on an individual’s comfort. Such discomfort can then impact a person’s ability to perform his or her job. As such, it is important to keep your windows clean to help maintain optimal air quality.

However, it is quite common for windows, especially those located on glass doors, to accumulate debris and germs that are difficult to remove via a simple glass cleaner. Fortunately, professional window cleaners can sanitize your windows with cleaning products that are industrial grade, leaving your windows completely clean and germ free.